Custom Coffee Pouches

Polymerall’s Flexible Packaging for the Coffee Industry: Custom Coffee Pouches

Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas Metroplex, Polymerall is a certified, top-tier manufacturer and distributor of flexible packaging solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications.Our custom coffee pouches, one of our star products, are designed to maintain ultimate freshness while distinguishing your product among your competition.Our pouches not only improve your product’s esthetic, …

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Sustainable packaging

Sustainable Packaging Benefits & Cost Savings Opportunities

In a day and age where environmental consciousness and sustainability are top trending topics across virtually every innovative industry, the offer of eco-conscious and sustainable packaging options is important when it comes to remaining relevant in the eyes of consumers.    Among the many benefits of flexible packaging, sustainability and cost-savings are key. Flexible packaging requires fewer resources and energy for packaging than more traditional alternatives. …

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