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Flexible Packaging Capabilities


Our manufacturing facilities are capable of extruding three and five layer coextruded blown films and high barrier seven layer CAST coextrusions ranging from 0.25 mil to 7mil


Pre-press management

Our pre-press operation is running 24 hours 7 days a week with a team of certified designers and the latest technology in the industry including ESKO DTP and EQUINOX software. Plates manufactured in-house guarantee that the final result will meet or exceed your expectations on time and on budget


Our company has specialized in developing film structures that will provide great performance at the packaging facility and will guarantee the right shelve life to your product through a specific barrier against oxygen, water vapor, CO2, and other gases and fragrances, etc.

Digital printing

In 2014 HP introduced the HP Indigo 20000 a revolutionary system to print on Flexible Packaging substrates through ElecrtroInk technology. This enables us to provide gravure printing quality; low minimums; variable data and very fast turn around that combined with our installed capacity allow us to offer a wide range of finished products.

Flexographic printing

Print quality is what makes the difference at the shelves and We are specialized in flexographic printing of flexible packing. Our plants are equipped with the latest technology:

1400mm Max Web Width

10 Color Station Presses

500 mts/min

We provide quality assurance through an own vertically integrated production process including pre-press; plate manufacturing; ink formulation laboratory and a defined quality control process